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  Admission Information for the Pre-kindergarten

through Twelve Grade Program


 Da Vinci Academy seeks to attract students who are motivated and desirous to explore, experiment, and learn; able to meet high standards and expectations both in their academic and social venture. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students will adapt to a learning environment where English is the language of instruction. Teachers will help them in their transition stage and will be aware of their individual needs.

Students applying from first grade through second grade should have a working command of English. Teachers will provide special help in their adaptation process keeping in consideration their needs. Children applying for third through twelfth grade are expected to be proficient in English upon admission; if not extra support will be required after school.

All candidates are given careful consideration in the admission process. Reasons for either acceptance or non-acceptance of applicants are made with the best interest of the student and the academy in mind. A lot of factors are taken in consideration including assessments or readiness skills, language development, as well as an assessment of whether the academy has the appropriate care and educational programs to meet the needs of the child.  The final decision on admission is based on the evaluation and judgment of the academy administrators.


                                                                                                   Admission Procedure


1.  All admission correspondence should be sent to:

            Admission Office

            Da Vinci Academy

            Aquamarina #50

            Villa Blanca

            Caguas, P.R.  00725


2. Applications will be considered completed when all of the following have been received:

            a. The completed Application Form.

            b. A progress report or official transcript of the applicant’s school record. (not apply to 

            Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten)

            c. An entrance examination and personal interview with applicant and parent or guardian.

            (apply only to Pre-kindergarten)

            d. For grades kindergarten to twelfth a Psycho Educational Exam will be required less

            than a year old.

            e. Immunization Record (original green form PVAC-3)

            f. A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate and social security card (will not be used for

identification purpose)

            g. Medical examination form

            h. 2 wallet size photos (2x2)

             i. A completed enrollment agreement

             j. An emergency form

            k. Pick-up authorization

             l. The required ages for admission are: kindergarten prospective students must be five

years old by September 31st.


Admissions Nondiscriminatory Policy:

Da Vinci Academy does not discriminate in its admission policies for reasons of sex, religion, race, or national origin.

Download the Admissions Enrollment Application:
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