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Da Vinci Academy of Science, Technology, and Arts is a non for profit educational institution with a hands-on, project-based curriculum that emphasizes depth over breadth, engages students’ interests, and motivates them to learn.  We maintain a small and personalized learning environment where every student and their differences are known, and valued. We have a profound commitment to a long life learning, professional development, and continuous growth by all. 


María L. Marchany

Administrative and Academic Director

B.A. and M.P.A.

Over 18 years of experience as an educator, manager, and university professor

Past president of the Educational Committee of PRMA

Past member of the Advisory Boards of the Secretaries of Education Dr. Cesar Rey, Dr. Gloria Baquero, and Dr. Rafael Aragunde

Ayeisha Báez

Administrative Assistant and Register

B. Ed. in process

Over 8 years of experience in management of educational center

Over 10 years of experience as pre-school educator

María A. Palacios

Director Assistant

B. A. and M.Ed. in Special Education

Certification in School Administration and Supervision

Over 30 years of experience as School Director, Special Ed and Bilingual Teacher, and University Professor.


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Aquamarina #50

Villa Blanca, Puerto Rico 00725

Tel: 787-743-5102


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